Please note that found cats are kept on this page for approximately four  months to allow a reasonable time for the cat to be identified and in order to accommodate newly found cats. Although removed from the site, the details of the found cats are still kept on the Lost and Found register afterwards.



Adult short-haired ginger cat has been living on the outskirts of Barrington village for about a year. No collar or microchip.

Awaiting photo and further details.




A quite big, entire black and white long-haired male cat has returned to the village of North Cadbury where he has been seen before. He is mostly black with white chest and a little black smudge on the white by his nose. He is thought to be around 6 years old and is quite attractive and friendly. He is receiving vet treatment for a wound.






An entire ginger male with darker ginger markings has been around Bampton Avenue, Chard since December 2016. He is quite a chunky boy with thick fur.





An adult black & white, short-haired neutered male first appeared on a farm in Yeovil Marsh in December 2016. He has returned recently and looks "a bit of a wreck" and filthy which suggests he has been lost for most of that time.
Not yet scanned and photo to follow.




An adult black & white short-haired entire male has been coming into a house in Chelston Avenue, Yeovil for some time. He is filthy dirty and full of fleas so appears to be another long-term stray. It is thought he is being fed by someone locally but receives no other care.






A black short-haired female cat with white whiskers has been reported as a stray in Summerhouse View, Yeovil.









Elderly (maybe 15 years old) brownish-black semi-long-haired entire male was found in Lowther Rd, Yeovil on 3rd April. He was in a distressed state - he had a gash on his head, no voice and his fur was very matted when found. He has received veterinary treatment and is now in care with Yeovil RSPCA.





Adult long-haired ginger cat (gender uncertain) has been visiting a house in Fairway Rise, Chard for several months. Awaiting scan for microchip.







A sandy-ginger coloured semi-long-haired entire male cat has been around Park View, Crewkerne for about 3 years. He has always been very nervous around people and is only now allowing people to touch him.








A short-haired tabby & white cat, gender unknown has been visiting a house in Newtown, Buckland St Mary since May 18th.







A handsome black entire male with white bib, chin & paws arrived in Wick Rd, Milborne Port in late April.
Although this is out of our area, he is entire and looked "a bit rough" when he first turned up so could have travelled some distance.







F89/17 and F90/17

Two ginger male cats have been around Kingswood Rd, Crewkerne for ages. One is short-haired and the other which is a pale ginger, has long hair which is quite matted. The finder said neither cat is in good condition - both are really thin. They have come inside the finder's house through a window and at least one of them has sprayed ++.
Photo of the long-haired cat (F90) attached. Finder hasn't managed to get a photo of the other cat.



Young adult short-haired tabby cat with white nose, bib and at least one white paw (others not seen clearly) has been visiting the hamlet of Allowenshay (near Hinton St George) since mid-May. Tabby markings are described as "quite swirly". The cat was very hungry and thirsty and quite timid. Gender not known. No collar.

Photo to follow.




This handsome ginger & white, neutered male cat was being fed by an elderly gentleman in the village of Thorncombe for an unspecified period of time. The gentleman has now gone into care so the cat is in the care of Yeovil Cats Protection. He has been vet checked and age is estimated as more then 6 years (vet said maybe as old as 16 years).








Grey (British blue type of grey) and white adult cat, semi-long hair, gender unknown arrived with another stray at a house in the village of Cudworth near Cricket St Thomas in Mid-May. Both were very hungry and wary of human contact. The other stray was quickly identified and reunited.

Photo to follow.




Young adult, white and grey cat, gender not known. This cat has been visiting a house in Lower Wraxhill Rd, Yeovil for about a month (since early May).
It is very timid and comes crying outside the front door, seeming to want to come inside.







Mature long-haired ginger & white cat has been seen fairly often in Alexandra Rd, Yeovil since the end of May. Gender is not known. It has been crying at the front step and window of one of the homes in the street. It looks clean and well-cared for so may just be a local cat trying to seek shelter from the current bad weather.








An adult long-haired entire male cat has been visiting a garden in Mitchelmore Road, Yeovil since early spring. He is grey and white (more grey than white) and probably about 6 or 7 years old.

Photo to follow.



A young entire tabby & white male cat was brought in to Delaware Vets on Friday 9th June from Holywell, near East Coker. He is only about one year old and was wearing a collar but is not microchipped. He appears to be healthy and is very friendly so was obviously someone's pet.






A medium-sized long-haired ginger cat has been living in the village of Isle Abbots since March. gender is not certain - either female or neutered male (no spraying and no smell of tomcat) - young adult. No microchip or collar. Posters distributed around the area have failed to find this cat's owner.








A huge long-haired black & white cat with distinctive markings on its nose has turned up in Runnymede Road, Yeovil for 3 weeks since late May.
Gender unknown but probably male.

Photo to follow.


A second stray has been frequenting the same address as F114/17, in Runnymede Rd, Yeovil since the beginning of the year. This small, very scraggy, thin black short-haired adult cat is very timid.

Photo to follow.




Sadly deceased as result of RTA, a ginger & white cat, wearing a collar, was found on Milford Rd, Yeovil near St Michael's on Saturday 17th June.



A handsome young neutered male tabby cat turned up at a house in Tatworth near Chard. He was very thirsty when first seen on Monday 19th June and could have been there all weekend as the finders were away. He is thought to be about 2 years old, is very friendly and looks well-cared for so probably lives nearby.






If you have found a cat please contact Linda, our Lost and Found officer,

 on 01458 251515       


*Inform & give details to all local vets & get cat checked for a microchip. 

*Inform the  Pet search. *Put posters up in all local shops.

*Get a safe cat collar & put on the cat (you should be able to get only 2 fingers between the cat's neck & the collar) & put your  number on the collar with -? lost, or put our Branch phone number on the collar.

If you do not hear from the owner after seven to ten days phone our Branch 01935 412755 and we will take the cat in as soon as we can.


In order to try to find the cats owner you could firstly try advertising locally in vets and pet shops etc. Perhaps put up notices around your neighbourhood including a photo of the cat.


Below are details of some organisations who can help with reuniting the cat with its owner.    

Animal Search (01432 266900)

National Pet Register