LOST CATS            



Please note that lost cats are kept on this page for approximately three months to allow a reasonable time for the cat to be found and in order to accommodate newly lost cats. Although removed from the site, the details of the lost cats are still kept on the Lost and Found register to provide for cats found after that time.



13 year old, black short-haired Persian, neutered male missing from Bincombe Drive, Crewkerne. He was last seen when he was fed on Friday morning, 30th December.
He does not wear a collar but is microchipped. Unfortunately there is no photo available.




A 6 year-old black cat with a white flash on his chest disappeared from his home in Harding Court, Somerton on Wednesday 4th January and hasn't been seen since. His family had only recently moved to Somerton when he escaped. He is short-haired, neutered and microchipped.








Seven year-old tortoiseshell tabby female has been missing from St George's Avenue, Yeovil since September 2016. She was an indoor cat in the past and usually stayed close to home since going out. She is neutered, microchipped and was wearing a collar when last seen.




Three year-old white and black female went missing from St George's Avenue, Yeovil in the first days of January. She was an indoor cat in the past and usually stayed close to home since going out. She is neutered and microchipped and wore a collar.







A large 8 month old male short-haired kitten is missing from Marl Close in Yeovil. He was last seen on Thursday morning, January 12th. He is black with very distinctive white markings on his face, neck and tummy. He is microchipped and has an appointment to be neutered.









Two year-old neutered, short-haired black & white male is missing from Buckle Place, Yeovil (Houndstone estate) since early January. He has white feet, white on his chest and a pink nose.







Large black & white, short-haired neutered male is missing from Mulberry Gardens, Crewkerne. He is almost 6 years old, quite timid around strangers and has distinctive markings. He escaped from the house on Thursday 9th March. He is not chipped.

Photo to follow





13 year old dark tortie shorthaired female is missing from Windsor Crescent, Chard. She had been spending a lot of time with a family in Brutton Way but has not been seen by either of her families since late February. Her own family will be moving soon and are anxious to find her before then.
She was in good health when last seen.








Medium to large tabby (tan to grey) and white short-haired neutered male has been missing from home in Emletts Way on the new Brinsmore Estate in Yeovil since March 23rd.  He is very timid and disappeared when tradesmen were in the house. He is 12 years old, was wearing a collar and may be microchipped (owner not sure). He did go missing for a few days in February so someone may be taking him in.










A 14 year old tortoiseshell, short-haired female cat has been missing from Fairhouse Rd, Barwick since Friday 31st March. She is a sweet-natured cat but is very timid with strangers. She is not chipped but was wearing a collar when last seen but has lost collars in the past.








A very attractive, tiny, long-haired female cat went missing from New Street, Somerton on Good Friday. She has a ginger coat with white around her mouth. She is about 7 years old and is extremely timid. She is a mostly indoor cat and does not know the area as she was adopted less than 2 months ago. She is neutered and microchipped and was wearing a collar when last seen.





Tall, lean neutered and chipped 8 year old male, short-haired black cat with white bib and socks went missing from Beechwood, Yeovil on Sunday 14th May.
He can be quite timid around strangers.






Small 7 year old semi-long haired, black female (fur looking a bit brown) went missing from home in Southville, Yeovil on Friday/Saturday 19th/20th May. She is quite distinctive as she has only one eye. She is neutered but not chipped and does not wear a collar.





Small, one year old shorthaired ginger neutered male has not been seen at home in Wessex Rd, Yeovil since Friday 2nd June. He is not microchipped but was wearing a collar.










18 month old tabby with white bib, toes, cheeks and chin is missing from Ashlands Close, Crewkerne since lunchtime on Tuesday 6th June. He is very friendly and is quite big for his age.  He doesn't usually go far from home so may have sought shelter from Tuesday's awful weather and been shut in. He is neutered, chipped and was wearing a collar.









A very small short-haired female cat is missing from home in Esmond Drive, Ilchester since Saturday 10th June.  She went out about 6pm and didn't come home for the night - usually she appears about 8.45pm. She is just one year old, predominantly white with grey-blue patches and was wearing a collar when last seen.  She has a tiny little miaow. She is neutered and microchipped.






Big two-year old entire male, longhaired and mid-grey all over, has been missing from Trackside Farm, South Barrow since Friday 9th June. He is not chipped and does not have a collar.

photo to follow




A young, large, grey/blue/charcoal coloured male British Shorthair went missing in East Chinnock about Tuesday 13th June. He was being looked after by neighbours while his family was away on holiday. He is not neutered or chipped and he does not wear a collar.

Photo to follow.




A large adult semi-longhaired neutered male is missing from Rustywell Park, Yeovil since Sunday 18th June. He is white with black-greyish patches and is quite timid with strangers. He is usually an indoor cat so may be disoriented although he used to live off West Coker Rd until August 2016 so my be making his way back there.






An older female shorthaired calico (white with tortoiseshell patches - black & ginger) went missing from Highway near Martock on Sunday 18th June. She is distinguished by a black nose and only having one tooth/fang. She is neutered and chipped.




If you have lost your cat please contact Linda, our Lost and Found officer,

  on 01458 251515      


To search for your cat:-


  • All rooms      Cupboards    Boxes  

  • Household appliances e.g. washing machines

  • Sheds and garages    Hedgerows

  • Lost and found section of local newspapers


  • Neighbours & ask them to let you look in their sheds & garages             

  • Local veterinary surgeons                  

  • Your local cleansing department of your local council

  • Your postman and milkman    Local newspapers

  • Ferne Animal Sanctuary 01460 65214
    Happy Landings Animal Rescue Service 01749 860350
    Heavens Gate Animal Sanctuary 01458 252656
    RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre 01823 480156

  • Posters on trees and posts

  • Distribute leaflets to shops, Post Office and Garages

  • Put small fliers in every house in the neighbourhood

  • Local schools, newspapers, radio

  • Local notice boards, including a recent photograph of your missing cat

  • Offer a reward

  • Check on the National Pet Register  www.nationapetregister.org/pet-search.php

  •                       Animal Search UK  (01432 266900)      www.animalsearchuk.co.uk


  • When your cat does return, DO inform any authorities who have been asked to look for him.

  • Get him microchipped if he hasn't already been chipped.